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How do I add my website to Bizconnectors Business Directory for FREE?
You can suggest your website for inclusion to our team of editors, who will visit and evaluate your website. To suggest your website for inclusion, please follow the process outlined below:

Step1: Check if your website is already listed in Bizconnectors Business Directory
Search for your company's name using the search box above. If your website is not already listed in the directory, continue to the next step to submit your website.

Step 2: Find the appropriate category for your website
Find the category that best describes your website's content and business. Most businesses fall under at least one of the exsiting category. However, you can suggest a new subcategory that better describes your website’s content or business, when filling out the submission form. Your suggested subcategory will be reviewed by our team of editors and if approved, will be added as a new subcategory. We will list your website under your suggested subcategory, if your suggested subcategory is approved.
Please note that you can only submit your website from an existing category page.

Step 3: Submit your website from a category page
From the category page most relevant to your website, click on "Submit URL" from the top menu. This will open the submission page. Fill out the submission form with your website's information and click submit.

Step 4: You will receive an email when listing of your website is completed
We will send you an email, when your website has been approved and listed in Bizconnectors Business Directory.

How do I remove my website from Bizconnectors Business Directory?
To remove your website link from Bizconnectors Business Directory, please follow these steps:

Step1: Send an email request from an email address on your website’s domain.
For example if your link is listed as, the email address must be sent from the domain
Note: To protect all links on our directory, any request sent from any domain other than the domain used in the link, will be rejected.

Step 2: Add your request including an official company logo or attached your request on an official company letter as attachment.

Step 3: Email it to
When we receive your request, we will process your link removal request.


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